Thursday, April 11, 2019

That's what it takes to be true.

You speak only truth, is your lie
Truth is, you let your kindness die
You spoke harsh, in the name of truth
And did bad, for the sake of your own good,

Be careful what you say to other
And if you hear same and suffer
You for sure not doing great
You are just another hypocrite

If the truth, only you wish
You or them, don't distinguish 
Sharing your opinion is fine
Just remember to be even not divine

Even if you are right, you have no right
To criticize or judge other
The bad you do to them
Remember, the same you will suffer.

Kindness is the best way
Whatever you have to say
Speak, as it's for you
That’s what it takes, to be true.

Accept your mistakes and don't repeat
Want respect? Then you also greet.
Behave, as it's for you
That’s what it takes, to be true
Yes that's what it takes, to be true.

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