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Friday, December 28, 2018

Civilized or Selfishly Civilized

How often we are proud of the evolutionary growth that we had over the years​ in every aspect of our lives? And as we claim that we are the most civilized and intelligent race on the planet with the gifted capability to use our brain more efficiently than other species and always take pride in calling ourselves "civilized" but do we really understand what, actually it means to be civilized? What’s the right definition? 

Well, there are several different definitions out there. But the one which, to some extent suffices the longing to know of my tiny little brain with very small amount of knowledge is."Civilized is a group of people characterized by being socially and technologically advanced" 

And I agree with the statement as far as the technology is concerned but when it comes to "Socially Advanced" there comes a disagreement from the brain saying "no that's not true" because if that was the case then we humans are not even close to be civilized, I mean how we are socially advanced?

Being socially advanced means, being Kinder, loving, compassionate, caring, empathizing and sensitive to the people of the society. And there, the big question rises, Are we socially advanced? And are we civilized? Because the first thing we do is to create a bios and discriminatory opinion about a person based on his looks and what is more pain full that we further divide societies on the basis of color, cast, creed and gender.

If we look at our social activities, we are so selfish and hypocrite every time, whatever we do or whatever decision we make is always based on, what we like and what we don't, it’s about what we feel is good or beneficial for us and what's not. It is about getting what we desire no matter how.

I think we Humans can never be truly civilized. More suitable term for us would be "Selfishly Civilized".